PERiDYN Technologies Group is in a unique position to help you and your team throughout the entire lifecycle of your equipment. From project inception, to the building phase, to the management and operation, PERiDYN can fill a need. Our team is comprised of brilliant individuals with rich history in the design, procurement, and deployment of facility power. We have extensive expertise in DC Power Systems, UPS Systems, Cooling Systems, Battery Systems, Installation, Integration, Maintenance, and Engineering of solutions for situations just like yours.


From racks & cabinets to custom power, PERiDYN will install and test your equipment on site.


Order a power system, hardware & rack and we’ll integrate together so you save on shipping and receive a single package.

Critical Power

We make sure your critical power not only runs smoothly, but efficiently saving your business money.

DAS & Small Cell

PERiDYN offers unique solutions for wireless equipment deployment and ensures the best service no matter your area.


Innovative and award winning cooling solutions including rack, in-row, and room cooling options.

Power Systems

Our experts can design, build, and test your complete AC or DC Power system fit to your specifications.


From ladder rack systems to floor tiles, we can take care of everything above, below, and in between.

Battery Backup

We can protect your equipment with a trusted battery backup system. Let us rack and install for you!


We can audit your system and make sure you are running both up to code and highly efficiently.